Matty the book

I have a patient (at my other job obviously) that was allegedly involved in organized crime. He wanted an RN after he was discharged from the hospital so he hired one. I decided I needed a 'mobster" name so I was Matty the needle (the pill, the shot, and the catheter were considered but dropped).

So I figured that I needed a mob name for my other job too....Matty the book.

Everybody should have one... my friend Dan the Oracle DBA is now Danny Keys - for keyboard, my friend that is a fine jewelry buyer is now DD diamonds, my friend whose family owns a liquor store is Mikey the juice. The ILL person is now Karen 'da loaner.

So feel free to make up your own.

My boss will not let me Taser any patrons. (He did not mention staff!) Oddly Florida law allows the regulation of who can carry a stun gun, but the power to regulate who can carry a pistol is reserved to the state. Its just so hard to find a handgun to match each outfit. Kel-Tec does make a few in blue.


Rocky the pen (because I imagine myself a writer--and keys is already taken). Can I add a little urban gansta and subsitute tha for the or da?

Given my blog title, I suppose I could be Rocky tha Raccoon...I kinda like that. Maybe somebody will write a song about me some day.

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