The Job Hunt

My first journal entry and it's of a rather mundane sort. But it is something that we all have to go through, it's the dreaded job hunt.

Why dreaded? Well, because I detest going out and putting on the smile and enthusiasm when sometimes I don't feel quite like I've got it all together. I'm a fairly happy person, I've usually got a smile for just about anyone. But during interviews I often feel like that smile of mine is pretty fake.

And then there's the issue of waiting for the interview. How much follow-up is too much? When does it go from showing you're interested to you must be desperate?

Now, for the moment I'm in a good place. I've got a job - not in a library, but it's a paycheck. But in two months that job is gone. I will be unemployed as of June 1 and the scary thing is that's by my choice! School systems don't really start interviewing until late April, early May, and the public library position I've already applied for hasn't made a decision yet.

And thus the saga of the job hunt has well and truly begun. With luck something will come through soon, I'll be posting about it as soon as I get some type of word.


With luck, and maybe a move. It seems like the best advice everyone givse is get ready to move, if you can, to where the jobs are. For some reason that perfect job is always in another state it seems.

Some states are rather forward-thinking about posting jobs in schools (for example).

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