Joe's Bookstore

In a previous post I asked people to contemplate what they considered to be a perfect bookstore. I called this perfect bookstore "Joe's Books" and asked what things the perfect bookstore would have. One person responded with the following I would also like for a place for people in the community to be able to post their suggestions of what is a good 'read'. The sales staff at the local big box book retailer has their employees do that and I would prefer to have just the regular folks opinions, not just what the clerks think they should push at the moment.
I think this is an excellent suggestion. If you were able to suggest books to your local bookstore what would they be and why?


The first one I would recommend for my town is Quakertown by Lee Martin. It is based on a real life incident that was a dark and shaming time in my city's past. Not a lot of people know that the whites made the black community up and move out of the center of town because they were uncomfortable with their presence. I have lent it out over five times and it is currently working it's way around my bowling league. Many people say that they never heard of the book or the incident and I think that any local bookstore should feature books set in their own town in a special area of the store.I will have to think of more but it is a great question to ponder.

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