Quick PDF notes

Two quick PDF notes, actually:

1. If you can download Acrobat Reader 7, do it. It's considerably faster and cleaner than 6, without losing any features. ("If you can" is because I've been unable to at work, for odd reasons--something about administrator privileges, which I have. While I could at home, dialup and all, with no trouble.)

2. I had planned to reconvert the first three issues of Cites & Insights v. 5 using Acrobat 7 and adding bookmarks (and text-to-speech capability, indirectly). That's not going to happen: Turns out the changes I made to the Word template to make it more "bookmark-friendly" would have the effect of throwing off the pagination in previous issues, and it's really not worth the trouble to try to fix. So It's Acrobat 7 going forward and including 5:4, but not any reconversion. (Oh well: That suits my general attitude of never changing an issue once it's published, even if there are obvious typos.)

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