I was browsing for books at the thrift store and came across a work of historical fiction called A Cold Day in Hell. I was thumbing through the book and I noticed where something was scratched out. Someone had marked out a word with a blue pen. Looking close you could see that the word was goddamn. Flipping through the rest of the book it looked like the reader had marked through every other use of this word. I find this interesting on a few levels. First that someone would take the time to mark out the words. Second that the person would then donate the book to a thrift store. I also think it is interesting that someone feels like they have to protect other readers so they remove all the mentions of that word. I do not think this is a case of censorship. The person marked in their own book and I actually think this is a case of free speech because this was their way of saying that they did not agree with the use of that word. In a bad way it also draws attention to the word because you can make out the word under the blue ink and you notice the word more because of the cross-outs. The only other downside is that I will have a hard time reselling the book because of the mark outs. I think I will raise the price and sell it as a book made family friendly.


Perhaps it's not censorship, but it might be a "gateway drug" to greater acts of censorship. ;) You start out covering up the bad words, and then, next thing ya know, you're a parent trying to get the school library to remove "Athletic Shorts".

He probably marked it out just prior to re-selling it/donating it.-- Ender, Duke_of_URL

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