Last chance to win little prizes...and an HTML decision

"Name Walt's [putative] blog" contest is still open, through March 12. See the original post.

I think there may be a winner, but I'm still open to even better ideas. As to the putative blog itself, probability is running 90%. I'm talking to Blake about hosting, looking at printer-friendly software alternatives, thinking about registering a domain, and all that.

If it happens, I have an introduction date already picked out that will suit the importance of the putative blog...well, you'll see.

As for the C&I HTML decision: Yes, there will be HTML versions of some (but not all) C&I articles, including (some) retrospective work. A commentary on the 36 comments I received, my internal conversation on pros and cons, and the tools initially and finally used to do this simple-minded extension will be in the next issue: It's too long now, but maybe I'll edit it down.

March 13 note: The contest is closed. I think there will be a blog. I think there will be winners (first and second prize)--although, for reasons that I'll mention when/if the blog emerges, I won't be using the winning entry(ies).

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