From the Alaska Trooper Files: Crime Does NOT Pay

Another case from the Public Information Office Dispatches of the Alaska State Troopers. One that graphically illustrates that crime does not pay:

Location: Homer
Case number: 04-65473
Type: MVA-F
Text: On 8-18-04 at 9:53 p.m., Alaska State Troopers were notified of a vehicle that was off the road and was in the trees near mile 162 of the Sterling Highway. Homer Police Department officers responded to the scene and found the remains of a human near the vehicle. Alaska State Troopers responded to the scene and discovered the vehicle, a 1996 Jeep Cherokee, had been reported stolen to the Homer Police Department on 8-12-04 and that Mark Evans, age 32 of Soldotna, had taken the vehicle on 8-10-04. The human remains were identified as Mark Evans.

Further investigation revealed the vehicle had been traveling northbound on the Sterling Highway sometime on or after 8-10-04 when the vehicle left the roadway at a high rate of speed. Evans is believed to have been ejected from the vehicle due to not wearing a seat belt.
Author: JRR1
Received and posted Thursday, August 19, 2004 9:40 AM

A person steals a car and dies in it. Sounds more like a morality play than a police file, but it happened. Did the same disregard for rules that allowed Mr. Evans to steal the car play a part in his decision not to wear a seat belt?


The decision to wear a seat belt was part of the same mindset that led him to steal the car.

In fact a study done by NHTSA (or more probably paid for by NHSTA)showed that those in lower socioeconomic brackets were less likely to use child safety seats even when the seats were provided for free. What conclusion did the researchers draw from this....well nothing really as I recall. However I infered that some poor people are lazy and that is why they are poor. Well, get what you work for so nothing is exactly what people too lazy to work, or for that matter buckle up, deserve.

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