Book club edition???

I hoping someon know the answer to this. I have two copies of the same book. One is a book club edition and one is the original printing from Dutton. Both books are 304 pages. If you set the books on top of each other they are the same dimensions. The wording on each page is identical. If you flip to page 99 it is the exact same wording in each book.
Here is the catch. The original book is twice as thick as the book club edition. If the books are the same dimensions and the same info is one sach page how is one book able to be twice as thick as the other. Can paper thickness have that much effect? Any other explanations about the difference?


Paper thickness (and treatment--that is, rough vs. smooth) can certainly double the overall thickness of a book. It could do a lot more than that. One way book club editions are cheaper is by using cheaper/thinner/less fancy paper, which will bulk a lot less.

take a look at the phone book, imagine how much thicker that could be if the paper was normal size!

I own the 11th, 12th and 13th editions of the Encyclopaedia Britannica, and each volume is about one inch thick because the paper is so thin. The print doesn't bleed through and the pages haven't yellowed. There are also good quality color plates on heavy stock included. So good quality is sometimes thin, not thick.

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