Three-day Weekend!!!

I'm sure many of you will envy me this coming Monday when I don't have to roll out from under cozy covers because of the observance of President's Day. But that's OK...I don't get Patriot's Day (in Mass.) as a federal holiday so I envy those Bostonians, et al, plenty!

Unfortunately, the forecast is rainy. Time to get out the "rainy day game box" for the girls. Probably also do some writing - got a really sumptuous stack of 100% cotton paper from my folks. Fits in nicely with my fountain pen collection.

AND I am sure we will continue the card game competition. Last but not least, I hope to stay away from the computer for the weekend and listen to the Cowboy Junkies over and over and over again ;-)

Have a great one all you LISNewsters and thanks for piquing my brain every day! --Durst


So, Durst, you have a fountain pen collection. I had an excellent one, but unfortunately had to sell it (to a fellow in Israel). I did manage to keep a few favorites among which are an Omas Paragon and a Mont Blanc 149. I'd like to hear about your pen collection.Joe 1045

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