Camp, USMARC, and Teaching "Special Ed"

So today got very interesting. Instead of working as a librarian (still no professional job), I wound up as a substitute teacher today. Originally I was supposed to substitute for PE/Health at Lakeside High School in the Ashtabula Area City School District. I got there, checked in, and was promptly reassigned by the building administrator to the Lakeside 9 building in the harbor district.I wound up handling "special ed" today. This mean I had a mix of DH students, SBH students, and more. Experience as a former camp counselor in terms of discipline as well as the horrors I saw while learning USMARC (as well as how to catalog) helped support me in handling the students. I was dismayed at how much students threatened me with things like calling the superintendent or the school board about me if they did not get their way. Of course, said students wanted to do things like rifle through the teacher's desk and leave the classroom when they were not supposed to. I just ignored the threats. I am not afraid of the superintendent or the school board. They either know me or know of me and know that I am not an idiot. Besides, after having faced the "fun" of OCLC tech support when Connexion went down on me during my brief tenure as a working cataloger, the kids did not scare me.Lately I have been doing more classroom teaching than library work. I still do research projects for friends and family though. A friend in the Graduate School of Theology at Abilene Christian University has occasionally thrown ref questions at me after his campus library has closed to see if I could point him to usable resources. After getting the master's in library science I have yet to really work in a library and instead work as a substitute teacher. Something does not seem right with this...


I feel for ya. That sounds like a horrible experience.

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