Online Social Networking 2005 Conference

I received the following email via the KM.GOV listserv I subscribe to. Feel free to click on the links to participate. I figure LISNEWS is about as social a network as you can get! --Durst

ref Event: "Online Social Networks 2005" (OSN-2005)
running 20050209-23 at URL:

NOTE: highlighted on Federal Connections item at URL:

HEADS UP TIPPER for your awareness & potential action.

OSN-2005 is a two-week on-line summit kicking off today. Featured are online workshops, panels, and presentations by leading experts and practitioners.
Participants will have opportunity to be part of
asynchronous (i.e. visit on your own sked) activities as well as real-time community activities.

Besides the learning experience, this will be your opportunity to take part in creation and publishing of a manifesto and focus group white papers that are to define a vision for the future direction of virtual communities and
online social networking. The resultant description is to help shape the needs and requirements that will drive future investments & development of supporting products & services.

Among the presenters is Howard Rheingold author of "Smart Mobs: The Next Social Revolution" ((1)) and recognized
as one of the World's leading thinkers on social implications of technology.

((1)) The "Smart Mobs" conversation continues at his blog hosted at

Jay Peltz
email: [email protected]
tel: 410.903.0401 (mobile, voxmail)
fax: 888.824.7594



I figure LISNEWS is about as social a network as you can get! --Durst

Yeah, but we don't have a cool name like Orkut. The snappy orange and blue scheme somewhat makes up for that, though. I'm thankful that I forgot my log-in info for Orkut. I still get occassional bizarre emails from my Orkut "Friends" who hail from eastern bloc countries.

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