Playing cards

In another effort to find more of those parts of myself that got sequestered during grad school, I've taken to playing cards in the evenings with my hubby. It's a good way to relax, use another part of my brain, and so far, I am spanking his butt into the ground - no competition at MY house, oh no!

Last night we raided the liquor cabinet and had vodka and rum while PLAYING GIN! The humor was not lost on either of us. The score over 3 nights is now 10 games to 5, advantage: mine.

And in other news, I am migrating my collection of cassette tapes over to CD. Most are coming out really well and the most recent migration took less than 45 minutes: the soundtrack to the Muppet Movie! "Movin' right along..."


minus Miss Piggy though

Also consider Backgammon. It is a lovely game and quite interesting.

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