Don't screw with the librarians

Today was my 2 hours per week on the statewide ask-a-librarian desk. I like that time because, well because I can close myself in my closet of an office and not be bothered.

Today I actually had 5 questions all of them reasonable...until the last question. A Community College student asked for help locating Little Women. I found it in the catalog at his CC and pushed the web page to him so he could reserve it. I didn't see him reserve the book but seconds after I pushed him the page he responded: "F**k you you d***less d***head motherf****r." Unfortunately he did not use asterisks. Now I have been called every name in the book and it really does not bother me, but I thought it was a waste of time and a librarians resources to just curse at me over real time chat.

I looked up the IP address he was coming in from which is recorded by our software. I used the arin whois service to find out who owned that IP block. It turned out that 150.176.x.y is owned by an educational consortium in our state that is in the FSU technology park. I have friends with whom I went to library school who work there. I gave them a ring to find out to whom the particular address belonged.

It turns out that it was the Community College from which the student connected. I called their library and was given to Carlos the librarian system administrator. He nbtstat'ed the IP and found that it was connected to a computer in their building.

Carlos called me back with the rest of the story. The student using the computer was still attached to the network. He said he used inappropriate language in his chat session for no reason but he knew I was not at his local library. He was kicked out of the library for the day and referred to the academic student hassling office. He still had the webpage for the chat session on the computer. It took less than 5 minutes from insult to kickout.

Moral: never screw with the librarians (or the IT staff).


simply brilliant

Little bugger got what he deserved. Heh. I love stories like this...


...but I'll bet that 9/10 times you won't get help quick enough to catch the little reprobates at their desks. I'll laugh about this for days.

Amen!Plus a great use of social networking skills!

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