I arrived home from China last saturday. We landed in Los Angeles Friday at roughly 5pm. The funny thing is that we left China Friday night at 9pm.

The day after Rose was given to us we drove to Xiaogan city. Xiaogan is the city where Rose was found. It is roughly twenty miles to the north of Wuhan, in central China. Xiaogan has a population of 5 million. The interesting thing is that on many maps it is hard to find the city.
Here is a picture of Rose on the bus as we drive to Xiaogan.

Here is a picture of where Rose was found. The green sign is pointing to the hospital. She was found behind the colored tarp on the left. Behind the colored tarp is the gate to the hospital. You can see that it is a very busy street and I can only assume she was found quickly.
Although it would seem to be a place of sadness I found the street to be a warm and inviting place. There was the smell of cooking food and a warm happy bustle on the street. There were lots of colors on the street. I can only hope that if Rose ever asks to see this street that she will find it as comforting a place as I did.


Men on street in Xiaogan city. The men smiled as I took their picture they waved and I waved back. I was on the bus so I was not able to say anything. The meat you see haning in the picture is being prepared for Chinese New Year. Salted meat is a big part of Chinese New Year. As we drove around we saw numerous examples of meat being hung out to dry.

Picture of cake in bakery window. Just thought it was pretty. This bakery was in Wuhan.

New apartments are going up all over China. At least in the four cities that I visited.

Picture of downtown Wuhan
In Hubei province we stayed in the city of Wuhan. We first met Rose at the Civil Affairs office in Wuhan.

Is it common to see things written in English?

This is a picture of a CarreFour store in Wuhan. CarreFour is French based from my understanding and is second in the world to WalMart. The sugar water choices in China were Pepsi, Coke, Sprite, 7-Up, and Fanta. You can see orange and lime Fanta in this picture. I never did see a can of Dr. Pepper or Mountain Dew during the entire two weeks I was in China. My wife is a big Mountain Dew fan. The soda tastes a little different. I think it is because they use something other than corn syrup as the sugar.
I met a man on the street in southern China and we talked for a while. As I went to leave he pointed to the 7-Up in my hand he said, "Enjoy your American Opium." I told him that a friend and I called it "Evil Sugar Water". We got the idea from this site

Many things were in both Chinese and English. I am wondering if the cake shop caters to English speakers in Wuhan. There are numerous banks and businesses in Wuhan that deal in international trade.
Some people in our group celebrated their daughters first birthday in the hotel in Wuhan. They went to this cake store and purchased a cake. Now that I think back on it that cake had Happy Birthday in Chinese. I remember it because we were joking that it could have said anything because we did not know Chinese.

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