Should I be paranoid?

Hmmm...I wonder if I should be paranoid about the hit to my weblog, where I briefly ranted against the government way back when, that originated from a computer at the US Department of Justice through a Google search (yes, apparently the Feds do use Google) directly related to the incident I ranted about. Eh, I figure if I start getting weird flickering on my computer screen, I can pretend the aliens are talking to me ;)


I would certainly be paranoid, it makes the day so much more interesting.

However I think the government is much sneakier than that. It was probably some PO'ed government wonk wondering what people thought about what his or her department was doing.

I remember when I applied for a govermnet job a few years ago (and still am on the hire list if the State Department hires people and stops contracting out) I never gave them my cell phone number. I had to fill out a book of forms, but not once did I give my cell #. They called me on my cell phone. I have no idea how they got the # because I gave it to NO one, not even my relatives, not my admin assistant (well 6 of us had 1 admin) nada because I had only had it a few weeks and was testing to see how the coverage was.
Damn sneaky gubmint.

Looks like now is the time to invest in an AFDB. The Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie.
Its stylish, its colorful (hey, silver's a color), and its guaranteed* to stop filthy mind control rays and those evil lawn-destroying gophers.

Beanies not your thing, check out Tin Foil Hats - for the discriminating lunatic, featuring such lovely models as the Dapper (Sinatra would be proud) and the Fez (the ladies love it).


*Caution, not actually guaranteed to stop mind control rays or gophers.

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