For a good time try Cinema Cartography

Last night my wife and I watched The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain about two men with His Majesty's Ordinance Survey determining the height of the "first mountain in Wales." To the consternation of the local village, the "mountain" doesn't quite measure up to British standards. The resulting reactions make up the bulk of the movie.

It was hilarious. I hadn't had such fun since "Waking Ned Divine", and this movie has no nudity. Plus, Star Trek TNG fans should be pleased at the major role of Colm Meany aka Miles O'Brien. Mr. Meany plays a pub owner who devises a solution to the village's problem.

Too bad I didn't see it in theaters back in 1995 when it came out, but better a decade late than never. If you haven't seen it, try it.


"An Everlasting Piece." Yes, that's the spelling, for reasons that become fairly obvious. It's about The Troubles, sort of, but also about...
well, if you liked Waking Ned Devine and the one you mention here (good taste!), I think you'll like this one.

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