My Karma is finally over 100!!!!!! (Does bragging take away points?) I can't wait to get the catalog and find out what I can trade them in for. Oh... if you have more Karma points than me, I don't want to hear it. Allow me this one, brief, moment of glory, please.


Don't be surprised when you hit 102 and stay there for...well, forever, unless the upper bound gets changed again.

Don't be silly, your glass can't be only half full unless it's in a vacuum; even if it is only half full of water (whiskey, gin, name-your-poison) it is also half full of air (pollutant, aromatic hydrocarbons, name-your-poison). ;-)

In fact, maybe that could be the questions for one of your surveys?

Oh.. if we're taking votes, I vote for 200!!!!! Starting at zero, when I just hit the magic number of 102, would just be too depressing for words.

Users By Karma (it's the second #) in what seems to be some type of random order I guess.Maybe I should reset everyone to 0, or make it possible for everyone to go to 200?2533 AshtabulaGuy 102381 Steffers 10256 birdie 102415 tomeboy 1022813 GregS* 1022223 Curmudgeony 10279 Walt 1022703 ChuckB 1022852 Eli 102116 Samantha 1022277 Grumpy Librarian 10260 madcow 10291 Pete 1023346 twistedlibrarian 102446 Bibliofuture 1026 Brian 102114 djfiander 10215 John 1022556 shoe 102175 Katie 102977 nbruce 102325 Daniel 102350 Mock Turtle 1022473 kctipton 1022 Blake 1022858 kmhess 10253 Great Western Dragon 102558 slashgirl 102482 David Rothman 102212 Anna 1022762 pchuck 1022301 mdoneil 10237 Fang-Face 10122 Rochelle 101585 mcbride 99174 InfoWhale 9275 April 913184 Bookworm 90

I also recently hit 102, and I was thinking of writing a similar entry. You beat me to it!


Yup, 102 is it, though if I'm really bored some day I'll bump that up and see who makes it to the new number first. 102, that's 2 better than 100!

*blinking rapidly* THERE IS A LIMIT??????? I wasn't aware that it was possible to have too much Karma. Of course, the good news is, I'll be tied with everyone else. Glass half empty, glass half full... hmmm.. .which way to go. Without more Karma, I guess I'll have to go with half empty.


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