Yet another word that should be in the dictionary

Priest-o-phile: A traditionally raised, well-intentioned, member of the cloth who wouldn't DREAM of stooping to the sin of self-abuse. But thinks playing "inspect the altar boy" is perfectly acceptable. Usually has large hands, smells like syrup, and has no discernable place to go on holidays.


All the priests I know are normal people and no priest ever tried any funny business with me and I was an altar boy.

It is sad what has happened to some children through the actions of some who should never have become priests or anything else that is near children.

Can't we just pray for the children that have been harmed through abuse by clergy, and pray that the perverts develop the will never to abuse another. Do we really need a new word?

We most certainly need a new word, one that stings and bites and attaches itself firmly to the leg of the clergy in particular. There needs to be a newer, higher level of accountability for the actions of any and all who would despoil a child, regardless of their rank or position in this world or the other. Defrocked priest Paul Bishop Shandley, Michael Jackson, or anyone else, know that if you are guilty, the tag will be hung, driven in by nails, and it WILL stay with you. I grew increasingly weary of those who would pray for changes while making no discernable effort to do something themselves. Where I come from, that is called cowardily abdictation of responsibility. The lord helps those who help themselves. From Eden on down, it has been up to people to do what is right, not just to prophesy and pray on it. This lack of action to important matters, steeped in religion and blind obedience, is what allowed it to happen for centuries without it being properly addressed.

And for the record, I was an altar boy from the age of nine on, and one of my friends was in fact molested by a priest. You won't hear about him in the news because five years later he was killed in a farming accident, but his experience was no less real. This is for you, Chris.

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