I've never been to Albany, Georgia

Say what?

Well, I was doing a bit of focused egosearching (on AllTheWeb, looking for "Cites & Insights", excluding boisestate.edu, and limiting it to "this year," not that date limits do much of anything for websites).

Still too many to look through, but somewhere in the first hundred I hit a publication called Cites & Insights--yes, with the ampersand.

It's a church bulletin from Hines Memorial Christian Methodist Episcopal Church in Albany, Georgia.

While I did grow up Methodist (but in what's now the United Methodist Church, not one of the Methodist Episcopal versions), it's fair to say that I have nothing to do with this church publication.

Did they know that C&I existed before they put this on the internet? It wouldn't have been hard to spot, but I won't make such an assumption.

Am I going to ask them to change the name? Of course not.

Just a curiosity.

By the way...the first issue of Cites & Insights volume 5, and the first sponsored by YBP Library Services, is now in the works. I'd guess it will appear on Sunday. Given list outages next week, it may not be publicized quite as widely as usual.

And I'll start publicizing the call for conference/program reporters starting January 3, as widely as I possibly can!

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