Cassini News: Prometheus & Titan

Two Cassini stories for you today:

The BBC reported that “The Huygens probe is on target and all set for its encounter with Titan, the mysterious large moon of Saturn.

The 2.7m-wide robot lab has passed its final systems check-out and scientists have confirmed the rendezvous can go ahead on 14 January as planned.�


NASA recently released an image showing Saturn's moon Prometheus stealing ring material:

“In an image taken on Oct. 29, Prometheus is seen stealing particles from the F ring while connected to the ringlets by a faint streak of material. A movie sequence of the ring, taken on Oct. 28, captures in freeze-frame motion the zigzagging kinks and knots, some of which are almost certainly caused by Prometheus.�

Thanks again to Americans and Europeans exploring the outer Solar System together.

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