Permissable Censorship

Not all censorship is wrong. In fact, one of the most effective, and legitimate, forms of censorship begins with your own home, your own TV, and your own remote control. And it should end there too.

This is an excellent article by Ed Quillen of the Denver Post: Censor your own TV

"I'm an adult. I pay for my TV set and the satellite service. I can handle "Saving Private Ryan," Janet Jackson's "wardrobe malfunction" and "Desperate Housewives." I know how to change channels or to turn it off for Howard Stern."

... and

"Maybe more parents should try that approach, instead of expecting TV networks to raise their children for them, and thus demanding that all American adults to be treated like children."


... but there is a lot of merit in the second excerpt from it that you posted. The government intrusion that conservatives often seem to welcome in the form of decency standards and internet filtering will, if the political climate changes, turn out to be the foundation on which anti-free-speech laws such as we see in Canada and Europe are built.

This does not amount to an argument against all decency standards, but rather to an assertion that they create a precedent that is politically ambivalent.

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