Starbucks gets roasted

... and deservedly so, in my view. Via Jonathan Last's Galley Slaves, Kathleen Nelson spanks Starbucks (and also James Lileks). So I was right: Starbuck's does roast their coffees too dark, which obscures what varietal character the beans may have. I also dislike the "faux bohemian" aesthetic of their stores and other products.

Nelson used to be a manager of a store in a coffee chain called Caribou (Canadian?). Anyone ever been to a Caribou coffee store? As for non-Starbucks, I have always liked Diedrich's coffee.


Actually, I think it started in Minneapolis - I always liked it better than Starbucks when I lived there...

Well, if they start some in Houston, I will definitely give them a try.

Thanks for the info on Caribou's origins.

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