Water, water everywhere and nary a clean drop to drink...

Okay. Second water main break in three weeks happened on my street at home in Ashtabula. This is getting annoying. It truly is.Birdie asks how I would feel about leaving the USA to take a position in Saskatchewan. I had to give the question some thought. I truly did.If I took the job, I really would not leave the USA behind. I could not. I would have to work with the libraries of fellow brotherhood schools like Abilene Christian University, Pepperdine University, Harding University, Lipscomb University, Oklahoma Christian University, Freed-Hardeman University, Rochester College, Lubbock Christian University, Faulkner University, and all the others around as well. That would mean travelling to quite a few red states (and blue areas too) at the very least once per year for the Christian College Librarians conference. If for some odd reason I decided to work on a graduate theological degree (I am basically working de facto as an Associate Minister now as it is), I would probably have to visit Oklahoma Christian University or Lubbock Christian University as I would probably work on either an MAR or MDiv through one of them. I would still have family in Ohio who would want me to visit as much as possible too.I would be physically leaving the United States but would not be leaving it behind. I would be trying to advance the work of a religious tradition that was born out of the fire of the War Between the States and became big in the American South (the counterpart is Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in a major chunk of the north, although my tradition is still present up here).Frankly, it would be a neat adventure...if I can pull it all together and get it green-lighted...


You might want to note, in case you do move to saskatchewan, that here, red is the Liberal Party colour and blue is the Conservative Party. Last I looked, ndp was green.

Just so you don't get confused!


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