Sorry. I needed to scream. I ran into too many crazy drivers on Northern Ohio Highways today...I was on the roads again today having to haul a sibling to Lakeland Community College's main campus in Kirtland. Such is a wee bit of a drive. Of course, I heard the news about Secretary Powell's resignation on WTAM AM 1100 while I was out and about too.Interviewing. Oh. Yeah. I should mention something about that. I had my interview with the president of the tiny school in Saskatchewan Saturday afternoon. The interview was interesting. It barely touched upon librarianship but heavily upon ministry and where I stand theologically in the brotherhood. Of course, since the school right now trains ministers primarily, worrying about where your librarian stands theologically is quite important as that can create indirect silliness through collection development decisions. I thought the interview went as well as it could.It will be amusing when I get the five essay questions this week to answer that will explore for the college where I stand theologically. The joke among the minstry team at church Sunday was that I basically would end up having to write really fast about five sermons or so. Such should prove interesting.As it stands, there are two possibilities for me to start in Canada if nothing kills this off in the interim. I would either start in 2005 on January 1 (New Year's Day) or July 1 (Canada Day). Either would prove to be quite interesting!


about leaving the good ole' USA? Moving to Canada seems to be the topic of a lot of discussion here.

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