Finishing Volume 4

Well, two days is "within the next week or so," so I didn't lie. That is, the document containing the title sheet and indexes for Cites & Insights volume 4 (2004) is now available for downloading.

Eagle-eyed readers may note that the story I just suggested, like the postings to C&I Updates, the Topica list, and a few other lists, is ungrammatical--because I left out "document containing the" for brevity, but certainly didn't use "are" to refer to a single PDF file.

In case anyone ponders the possibility that I spent the last two nights going through the 300+ pages of C&I 4 and preparing the index...well, for Volume 1, I did prepare the entire index as an afterthought. Since then, I've built the dummy Word document used for index preparation after publishing each issue. The final step is whatever cleanup I choose to do (fixing obvious typos, combining subjects, names, etc., that clearly should be combined) and the typographical transforms to finish the index.

So both of you now know a little more about this odd enterprise.

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