Reference Desk Department
Michael Colford, Regional Administrator,
Boston Regional Library System

Robert Maier, Director
Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners

Reference Desk Department enquiry
a. Please arrange for me to read the public content of the
intranet web links
developed by the Boston Regional Library System.

Reference Desk Department enquiry
b. Let me know how to refine, craft this reference desk enquiry so that
it would be less difficult for the reference desk,
for example
1. a listing of public content of the intranet.
2. a listing of the sections of the intranet.
3. or ...?

Reference Desk Department enquiry
c. How would you develop better archival records management practices
with respect to these kinds of self referential, recursive types of
enquiries for our public libraries systems' archives of themselves?...

This reference desk enquiry is with prejudice deflected,
a reference desk failure with respect to
reference desk principles enunciated
Guidelines for Behavioral Performance of Reference
and Information Service Providers

and a reference desk failure with respect to
intellectual freedom principles enunciated
Library Bill of Rights

Institute of Certified Records Managers

Academy of Certified Archivists

Massachusetts State Archives Records Management Unit

Associated Press

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