Veteran Fights for Free Speech

So, is this anti-war vet going to be demonized as well? LOLOL.. in this case, I'd put my money on Joe.


"Joe DeMaria spent 44 days in combat during World War II against the Japanese on the island of Iwo Jima. Nearly 60 years later, he still speaks of the experience with a sense of awe and dread. The Marine Corps veteran of one of the war's bloodiest battles also has some strong opinions about waging war."


"The wording of DeMaria's sign changes occasionally, but the basic message contends that American troops should never enter combat unless first attacked. "I thought the same thing during the Korean War and Vietnam, too," said DeMaria, who was wounded twice while serving with the 5th Marines Division."


"I went outside and a carload of young college kids were trying to vandalize the sign so I confronted them," he said. DeMaria stood his ground and demanded the students replace the plastic letters they had removed from his sign.

"They said they thought my sign was anti-patriotic, but I asked them, if that's the case, why didn't they quit college and go enlist in the military and do their part in Iraq or Afghanistan like guys I knew did back when we were still just teenagers," he said."


In both party campaigns, veterans were cheered, because they really know the sacrifices. I support this man's right--and I'm happy a WWII vet is still out there fighting for what he believes. My WWII Marine dad died in 2002.

When I went to the Bush rally in Columbus on Oct 29 the crowds cheered wildly every time Veterans for Bush signs were waved. The only louder cheers were the "Military Moms for Bush" signs. There was only a brief time in our recent history when veterans were spat upon, and I think we don't need to rehash that here or why it happened or who facilitated it.

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