If you're a Bushie and easily offended... AVOID this entry

Found this one on Salon


And to think I would have bet on the morphed Alfred E Newman face. Now if I could only find their Mr. Bean as funny.

Good stuff Robert.

In Florida I can register as a Communist but not a Fascist.

I wonder what calls I'd get either way.

LOL, a bit. Unless she was really, really pale... then the nylons make your legs look normal on tv. Still, it's not a good look.

Oh.. the Dukes of Hazard.. I always wonder why Daisy wore nylons and shorts. Doesn't that sort of defeat the purpose?

Hawn! That was the spelling. I was too lazy to check it the first time.

Yeah, I got calls from Malcolm Jamal Warner, Ed Begley Jr., John McCain and George W Bush (I'm currently a registered Republican... I keep forget to change it back to independent).

Geez, I should have paid more attention to Benny Hill as a child... I always had a thing for the Duke boys on Dukes of Hazard. LOL...

In other news, have you guys seen this?

Goldie Hawn was is Tampa promoting some candidate, then later that day I got a recorded call from her urging me to vote for Kerry.

If she were really on the line I would have voted for satan as Pope!

LOL.. OMG... I used to watch Laugh-in just to see Goldie Hauhn in a bikini. Hmmm... now I'm thinking I must be older than you. By the time I discovered Benny Hill, my taste in humor was stronger than my hormones.

As an adolescent male I never watched Benny Hill for the comedy. Hey, it just occured to me that PBS was running soft porn in those days.

Long live the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

LOL.. thanks Tomeboy. It could be worse... it could be Benny Hill whom I never, ever, found to be that funny.

Why is that? Is it against the law, or is it because there is no Fascist Party in Florida? Is there even much of a presence for the various Arian Nation types in FL?

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