Bright spot of the morning

I'm really pleased to have Barack Obama representing my state. Not that there was any question that he would soundly trounce that nutjob Keyes, but Obama seems like the real thing. Not many politicians that don't make me queasy on some level.


I wouldn't call Keyes a nut job, but I was pulling for Obama. Seems a fresh face and hopefully some new ideas for the Democrats. Wouldn't surprise me at all to see him running for President in 2008. Being bi-racial, maybe he's the candidate to get American blacks and whites interested in some of the policies of death going on in Africa.

Okay here, 20 years from today, and we'll see who's got the best man.

Bobby Jindal is the man! Indian-American and smart as a whip (Brown graduate, Rhodes Scholar). The guy is 32 and the best thing to happen to Louisiana in a long long time (pardon the pun).

He was the Louisiana Sec. of Health and Hospitals from 1996-1998 (at age 24) and U.S. HHS Assistant Sec. for Planning and Evaluation from 2001-2003. In Louisiana, he made some real changes to a pretty disfunctional health and hospitals system.

He ran for governor of Louisiana last year and lost in a heartbreaker. He won the House seat a couple of weeks ago with 78% of the vote. If he were a Democrat, the mainstream media would be fawning over this guy. The Indian and South Asian media is all over this guy.

He was just voted to be the leader of the incoming freshman class of representatives in the House. Methinks this guy will go farther than media darling Obama in 20 years.

I was raised Pentecostal, I've seen a fair amount of 'powerful speechifyin' in the form of fire and brimstone. It has its moments. It has also, however, instilled in me a strong desire for people to get to the point.

I kinda like "sugar speeches." I wish we had public officials who had better oratorical skills. Not just a way with words, but all the other stuff that makes a good leader. But, I do admit that I'm a fan of powerful speechifyin'.

We agree Rochelle. I think Ryan got shafted. As for Obama, I haven't heard enough from him to judge. I'll do him a favor and ignore the sugar speech he gave at the DNC.

I was happy that Obama won. I hope he does great things for the Democrats. Yay for Illinois!

I may well post something to this effect in my journal as well, but since you have so conveniently broached the topic ...

The Republicans should be so blessed as to have as bright a star up and coming as the Democrats have in Barack Obama. Based on my limited exposure to Obama, I have to say that this guy has superstar quality, and it appears to me entirely genuine. My impression is of course superficial at this point, but I find that he practically exudes integrity, and he seems quite level-headed and self-possessed. I will be watching his career with great interest and, unless he reveals some serious character flaw, with great sympathy as well.

I think he will be emormously appealing to people all over the spectrum of political opinion. As I said, the Republicans should be so fortunate as to have someone like him.

I try to steer away from name-calling, and nut job is a little too general and not quite on-target. Keyes is definitely driving on the shoulder of the road. Most Republicans were mortified by the stuff he was saying and several disavowed his candidacy. I think they would have done better with Ryan, the sex-scandal guy.

From 12/19/04 Chicage Sun Times:

Obama lands $1.9 million book deal

It sure didn't take long for the Darling to cash in. $1.9 million is a pretty good take.

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