Okay, so there is this small bible college in Regina, Saskatchewan. It is an institution that is part of my ecclesiastical heritage (as odd as it is being from the Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement). It had a position open of Administrative Assistant to the Vice-Chancellor.On a whim, I figured I would apply. I applied by electronic mail. The result was a wee bit odd, though.The school is trying in good faith to get out of candidate status with the Association for Biblical Higher Education (formerly known as the Accrediting Association of Bible Colleges) and become fully accredited. Alas, they have lacked a librarian who holds a master's degree in library science from an American Library Association accredited program. I unexpectedly presented to them an opportunity to fill in the gap and make good on a few things.So...moving from Ashtabula to I up for it? I would be trading living in the Lake Erie Primary Snow Belt (which is what pummels Erie & Buffalo annually in the winter) for the cold of the Canadian Prairie. At this point, I have to wait to hear how things play out. I truly do. I know I do not have enough information to act on anything quite just yet.Still, it could be amusing to work in Canada, at least for a while...


... and there is something to be said, I think, for being part of an institution with connections to your core beliefs.

While one must be exceedingly careful when trying to descry God's will in how particular events fall out, it does seem providential that your qualifications unexpectedly matched their needs. Of course, that is in no way proof that God wants you to go to Canada, but it is food for thought & prayer.

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