one zero zero zero

If I'm not mistaken, I believe I just posted my 1000th LISNews story. Woo woo! My celebrating will be limited to curling up on the couch with my bottle of junkie-grade prescription cough medicine and cartoonishly huge, red antibiotic capsules. The nagging virus I've been tussling with for three weeks has finally turned into a bona fide sinus infection and bronchitis, and my trip to Doc in the Box was not wasted.

Having made this milestone, I think I'll take the rest of the night off and curl up with our new kitten.

And to get sappy on y'all, I'm really pleased to be a part of this here community. I value the experience, friendships and challenges that have come from making LISNews my home away from home. Thanks, Blake!


I have a bottle of Irish cough medicine (Bushmill's "Black Bush", sort of the Johnny Walker Black Label of Irish whiskeys). If I were closer, I'd bring you some.

LISNews is quite something, isn't it. Even a cranky contrarian like me has a place here. My thanks to Blake as well.

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