Jon Stewart on Crossfire. WOW!

Birdie, this one is for you. This is an example of a bow tie wearing idiot conservative getting b**** slapped.

Jon Stewart from the Daily Show was on Crossfire. He criticizes Crossfire for being theater and not a true debate show. The response of the hosts just goes to prove how right he is. You can see the entire clip at

There is also a clip of the Daily Show on Monday after the Crossfire incident where Stewart comments on what happened.


I've never seen any of those guys, have no idea who they are. But I clicked and looked. Sat through a lot of commercial junk. Wow. It was so boring, I can't believe anyone laughed, or thought it was news worthy, or people get paid to do that. Who writes that stuff? Maybe you have to be really tired at the end of the day, or have a few beers or something. zzzzzzzz

Dave Barry used to do a column perodically called something like 'grammar lady; where the main joke was

"Dear Grammar lady - is 'I is stupid' correct? Joe, Cleveland

Grammary Lady - Sorry joe, that's is incorrect. The correct grammar is 'I are stupid'. "

The next week he would do the column about the people who wrote in complaining about grammar lady's grammar. He usually called these people 'humor impaired'.

John's has said multple times that the whole premise of the show is to make fun of the sad state of 'news' in the U.S. That's why John was arguing with Tucker for 10 minutes, because Tucker wanted to know why John doesn't ask hard journalistic questions, and John is trying to explain that his job is making fun of people like Tucker!

They accepted the award because its pretty funny when a fake news show wins a news award!

When Ed Koch was on, John is just trying to get him to slip up so he can tell a wisecrack or two. They do that part of the show because they are too lazy to write another 5 minute sketch. Its also usually the funniest part of the show.

I think its ok to say 'I don't find the Daily Show to be funny', but your posts read like grammar lady complaint letters...

I know. I was being coy. It was so bad, I thought it seemed scripted trying to be spontaneous. If it had held my attention, maybe it would have gotten better, but I finally put it out of its (and my) misery.

They made a lame defense but I don't think they were planning on having to defend themselves. Which is kinda dumb considering Tucker's starting questions. But that doesn't change the fact that Stewart thinks he's more then a comedian whether he admits to it or not...

"Does Stewart have a spin? Sure! But his show is on the Comedy Channel and does not hold itself out as a "news" show. If someone is watching the Daily Show for their "news" then we probably have other problems to worry about."

They got an award this year for news programming. They didn't decline it. In fact I just watched Stewart the other night trying debate Mayor Koch. He kept trying to play 'gotcha', there was no humor just his own lame attempt at spinning.

Dude, I am a conservative and I think the Crossfire guys got tromped. You don't criticize a joke news show on the Comedy Channel for it's journalistic standards. Hiding behind the comedian title would be if Stewart had a show on CNN that was meant to be serious but whenever challenged Stewart would claim that he was a comedian.
I think his criticism of the Crossfire show was totally justified. If all Crossfire can do is attack the Daily Show as their defense then they are on weak ground. They never made any argument of any quality to rebut what Stewart criticized them for.
Does Stewart have a spin? Sure! But his show is on the Comedy Channel and does not hold itself out as a "news" show. If someone is watching the Daily Show for their "news" then we probably have other problems to worry about.

No, he was hiding behind that title so he wouldn't have to commit to anything. First he'd accuse them of not doing their jobs and then he'd say "i'm just a comedian!" when asked why he couldn't do better. If he thinks he can do better he should go ahead and try.

Stewart pointed out, quite appropriately, that he's a COMEDIAN. Not a "commentator" or "pundit" or "expert" or "journalist." If they want to invite him on Crossfire, then they should be prepared for whatever he wants to dish out in whatever format he wishes to dish it.

[in other words...tell the truth about what everyone else is "spinning." ]

Yeah but birdie, then you'll be spinning.

I had heard about the exchange but thanks for the links it was fun to watch. I don't think he was funny, or trying to be. Stewart suddenly thinks he has political importance when in fact he's the 'emperor with no clothes'.

He made the same argument against Crossfire I ran into when I first started SHUSH, "we'd love a conservative to debate with, you're just not what we had in mind." I'm not a CF fan but unless Stewart is willing to actually go toe to toe with them on an actual topic and instead of just whine about the media not doing their job he should just button it.

Thank you Biblio. I appreciated your posting the links, and I enjoyed both videos thoroughly. Maybe it's time some of us to get caught up with pop-culture, cause they've got a lot of important stuff to say. Tune in, or at least set the VCR. Most of what they have to say is in the realm of "The Emperor's New Clothes", in other words...tell the truth about what everyone else is "spinning."

I can't believe you don't see the humor in the clip. Trust me, most everyone else is laughing.

Who write's this stuff?
What you saw was not scripted. That is what made it so great.

I don't find the Daily Show to be funny

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