Malaria and trivia

Those who peruse ChuckB's journal, as you should, may remember this item and my comment.

Turns out that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation underwrote the development of the malaria vaccine as well, according to an editorial in the SF Chronicle.

That shouldn't be surprising. Big Pharma is not known for investing huge sums into developing cures for "third-world diseases" or "diseases of the poor." But a big $nudge$ from the Gates people makes all the difference in the world.

Probably quite literally all the difference of the world for millions of third-world people in the future.

Trivia, and really answered by this post: A couple of friends have expressed the hope that a set-to in the comments space won't frighten me away from LISNews or from the journal.

No worry. Big gaps in the journal are because I don't have anything to say that I think suits this particular format, or because I just don't have time. Don't expect a lot of posts in the near future: I'm in the middle of a special writing project, there are still C&I and EContent pieces to write, we're getting ready for a big vacation (hurray), there are new extended-family medical problems to worry about...and, oh yes, the full-time job has been heating up.

Doesn't mean I've been scared away. Just means I'm not a natural-born blogger and I'm busy.

You won't see comments turned off here either, any more than you'll see earlier posts removed. Not my character.

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