Grape: Wait for it?

I was going to alert you to what should be a neat new paperback: Grape

This appeared as a 47-part (I think) series in the San Francisco Chronicle and was thoroughly enjoyable. I assume the book version is slightly expanded, although it wouldn't need to be.

Unfortunately, a check of Amazon doesn't turn it up yet, and the RLG Union Catalog doesn't show a CIP record for it.

Why did I think it was out? Because today's Chronicle has an ad offering an autographed copy of the book with a new subscription (or something along those lines).

Anyway: When it comes out, it should be good--and, if you're impatient (and can deal with all those downloads), you can read the original pieces at SFGate, starting here.

Trivia: SFGate is the Chronicle's website; it got the name when it represented both the Chron and the SF Examiner, when both were published in a joint operating agreement. Since then, the family that owned the Chronicle and some TV stations and other stuff sold the paper to Hearst, which "sold" the Examiner to a local publisher with a multiyear subsidy to keep it from disappearing altogether...but that's all history.

And if you're wondering, Chronicle Books is still owned by a member of the family that owned Chronicle Publishing--and no longer has any relationship to the paper.

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