I am offering my resignation today.

Today I offered my resignation. I work with idiot MLS degreed people. More later.


Dude that's got to be a record... is it that bad?

Don't know yet the director has not answered me.
The assistant director asked me to stay but she said she realizes I have to do what is best for me.

The people in my department who despised me six or seven weeks ago want me to stay.

I am beginning the job search again, I'm not certain if I will be employed as a librarian or not during my search. If they want me to stay until I take another position I will because I can always use the money. But I said that I will leave now if thats what they want.

has it been accepted?

Maybe he found out they plan to vote for Kerry.

LOL... well, technically it's not supposed to be there. But, it was a gift from a coworker that hasn't quite made it home yet. :-) I don't take swigs from it during work, I swear.

I don't keep a bottle at the office but I do have tequila shots with the boss at staff parties. Probably helps explain why I'm still here.

I remember starting a job on July 1, then having a 3 day week-end because of the holiday, and thinking I would have never made it to day-2 if it hadn't happened that way. But I did stay 6 months. So sorry things haven't worked out. Did they find out you planned to vote for Bush?

You get to keep tequila in your desk?! Matt and I will both be applying to your place of employment.

I've got a bottle of tequila in my desk gathering dust. Do you want it?

Oddly the director and assistant director are Republicans. The one librarian who is the biggest back stabbing pain in the arse is a Kerry voter. The two are not related because the other Kerry voter librarian is just fantastic, and remarkably helpful.

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