Doctorow's "The Unfeeling President"

This article is making the rounds, but if you haven't had a chance to read it yet, it's



Thanks for this thoughtful and well written piece. I certainly share Doctorow's sentiments about the cost and utility of the Iraq conflict.Having said that, I'm not sure anyone but God can really know what the President feels. By his actions we can make some guesses, but Doctorow's article is almost like mind reading stated with certainity.The President has said he prays for our soldiers, both alive and dead. I will simply take him at his word and hope he can one day expand his public prayers to our enemies as well.For all we know, the President may have churning emotions every night, but feels that he must "stay the course" in order to stave off even greater disaster than the one currently taking place. With his public scorn of critics, perhaps he has painted himself (and us) into a corner that he doesn't know how to get out of.On the other, perhaps Doctorow is right. I'm not a better judge of the inner workings of the President's mind than he is.My personal feeling, which you don't have to share, is that this President has made enough mistakes in the realm of actions that we do not need to know his heart to vote him out of office. Ultimately, only God knows what the President truly feels.

As you implied, only George W. Bush knows exactly what he is feeling. Doctorow was writing about how the President is acting in response to what he (Doctorow) supposes Bush is feeling.

But's semantics.
Doctorow's piece strikes me as completely accurate and dead on.

Thanks for posting this.

I had not seen his article, and Doctorow put into words what I have intuitively felt about Pres. Bush for quite a while.

so if Doctorow is so smart why didn't he say what *he* thought death was? Probably because he didn't want to be judged in the same way he was judging the President.

I see death as simply a passing moment from one existence to the next. How that death comes about is usually based on your actions in this existence and defines the value of the after.

Doctorow talks a lot about mourning but the deaths that should be mourned most are the million that died while Saddam ruled, wasted and empty deaths. We should mourn the deaths of our men and women that have died there but we should celebrate the character of such individuals who were there willingly and look forward to seeing them again in the after.

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