it's a good day already...

Not only has my Star Wars dvds been shipped, in fact they might be here today, but last night I was invited... nay, encouraged to join the Academy of Recording Art and Sciences. Whee!! I'll get to vote on the Grammys!! And if you're out there wondering how a quiet, staid young cataloger like myself gets to be eligible for membership... it's because I worked my ass off to sing in an up and coming symphony chorus. :-) I sing with the Nashville Symphony Chorus, and the chorus and the Nashville Symphony released a cd in March of this year to surprisingly good reviews. See here for reviews of our Missa Solemnis recording (it's available from the usual outlets). I'll put a shameless plug in for the cd, it's a great recording plus it's cheap... only 7 bucks.

Anyhoo, just had to brag a little... it certainly made my work attitude a little brighter today.

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