last days

Today is my last day at the community college reference job. I couldn't have asked for a better one, either. I had a BI session with an ESL Writing class and those students were the most involved, enthusiastic group of people I have ever taught. Wow. I'm so used to the glassy eyed stare that I get absolutely psyched if the class shows any signs of life! It was a load of fun.

They had a little going away party for me here and I was worried I would cry. I haven't yet, but I fear I may get a bit sniffly on the way home. I know that my new job will be a great experience but it's hard to uproot myself from a place where I've spent most of my three years in the Midwest, where I know most of the people and where it finally felt like I was fitting in this summer...

One more "last day" at the museum job tomorrow, then I pack it up and head it out to Missoula!


May you and your family have a quiet and comfortable move! Good luck in MT.

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