Bush back Blair, snubs Tories

I'm not posting the following for any partisan reason--in fact, I'm not sure that it reflects all that well on the White House. I just think it is interesting. From The Independent:

Michael Howard last night accused George Bush of seeking to protect Tony Blair in an extraordinary row sparked by news that the Tory leader has been banned from the White House.

Mr Howard hit back after it emerged that his calls for Mr Blair to stand down over the Iraq war have enraged the US President. The simmering feud was laid bare yesterday as it emerged that Karl Rove, Mr Bush's most powerful official, told the Tory leader that he "could forget about meeting the President".

Mr Howard last night launched an unprecedented attack on Mr Bush. "If some people in the White House, in their desire to protect Mr Blair, think I am too tough on Mr Blair or too critical of him, they are entitled to their opinion. But I shall continue to do my job as I see fit," he said.

Some say of Bush '43 that he prizes loyalty more than most other qualities, including ideological purity. Perhaps this row is evidence of that.

I don't know all the details, but I'm not sure I like the "scorched earth" rhetoric from Rove.

Via the ChicagoBoyz.


Keep in mind that for those of you who think our politics are toxic the British Parliment is lethal. Who knows what he may have said about Blair or even Bush.

In some ways I like how the Prime Minister is in constant debates on the floor but it does seem a harsh way to get things accomplished.

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