Why (squeak) in (squeak) the(squeak) hell....

would someone put shoes that squeak like a duck with every step on a toddler's feet, then take her to the library and let her run around?

It was enough to prompt several patrons to simultaneously hiss SHHHHHH at the very same time I asked through gritted teeth, "could you please pick her up? This was after security had already asked mom once to pick up the kid.

Furthermore, why would anyone buy those shoes in the first place? These, I believe, are the offending items.


The FAQ's didn't have a question about "Will the squeak bother librarians." I wonder why.

I like helping the little people, the other day I took a ~4 year old to easy books about butterflies. He got moving so fast his torso outpaced his fastly moving feet and he fell down. Not to be stopped he rolled forward and started up again. How nice to be excited about books! It seems my peers are story time fans.

My neighbors daughter had them too. They were recent immigrants from China, and I think that in their culture, they were considered to be 'way cool', but essentially I think it is a way to know the whereabouts of your toddler. I see at the website you found that the owners of the company bought their first pairs of squeakers in China. Why they didn't import something better (like dim sum mix or bonsai trees) I don't know.

We have a few kids that have them at our library. Moms are usually good about picking up their little ones, but every once in awhile we'll have a kiddie that tears around, sounding like a gaggle of geese. We normally comment on "Wow, it must be easy to keep track of him/her" and mom gets the point.

Still not as annoying as cell phones. Close, though.

Some libraries have carpets..

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