Trimming the "Can't deal with" list

Not that anyone would care, but since I mentioned the list of five people I just couldn't deal with in a previous entry (on being hassled by two of them in one weekend), I'm going to say it anyway:

I've now reduced that list from five to two, and proved that by actually engaging in a discussion with one of the three who are no longer on the mental-blackout list. This one, despite personality traits that I find difficult to deal with, has just done too much good in the field to ignore.

The other two? Well, one isn't in my sphere of action anyway, so it won't make any difference. The other, the only one of the five I've ever met, just isn't worth the trouble of avoiding entirely.

That leaves just two, the two indirectly referred to in the earlier posting. I'd eliminate them from the "no engagement" list as well, but life really is too short: I'm guessing I've got no more than 35 or 40 years left.


Alas. I have pretty much given up on lisnews because of some of the folks' beligerence. Yes I mean politics. Yes I mean conservatives. I just don't have the patience. That's a bad sign (for me).

Even resorted to the "enemies" designation which I swore I'd never do. But I just didn't want to read what he has to say.
Looks like the lisnews readership is up, so ...

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