Sexist spoilsports!

Olympic Beach Volleyball is a sexist event!

I caught some of it this afternoon and lo and behold! -- the women participated in bikinis; the men wore short-sleeved, hip length shirts and shorts halfway down their thighs.

This is clearly sexist! The men should be made to play in muscle shirts cut off at the ribs and speedos! Girls like looking too, you morons!


Sand and sky and empty stadium do not a beach make. Harumph. I found the whole thing bizarre. I wondered if they had a very capable team member who didn't look so great in a bikini if they would let her wear a full body suit, or if part of the selection process is "looks good in a bikini." Then there's men's swimming, where they have those funky full-body wetsuit things.

I've decided if I were to compete in the Olympics, I'd compete in rowing. One of the team members just sits in the front and yells. How cool would that be--to get a gold medal for yelling?

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