Great Conservative Humorists of the 2000's

This would be a good project for someone. Start keeping track of all the times conservative pundits use the "I was just kidding" routine. Common variants include any of the following:

That was just my way of being funny, that's humor, it's just a cliché, everyone says that, someone else said it first, or I didn't say that at all.

I think I first started noticing it a few months ago when I heard Rush reading a list of hateful quotes he had used on the air, and his only response was something like "I didn't know I was this funny, I was just trying to be funny" Coulter seemed to be trying to use it when the USA Today canned her, and I've even seen it used here a few times, and this one I read today just made me realize it's not an isolated event.


Conservatives aren't the only ones--but it seems to me they are more likely to lose a job, contract, or promotion over it then when liberals are kidding around. The difference may be in our perspective. When the left ridicules Christians, or rural folks' values, or how Texans talk, or people whose eyes have a slight cast, perhaps you just think it is valid political commentary? Or, maybe, "they were just kidding?"

Or, maybe, "they were just kidding?" Maybe, I don't know, since you provided no link I don't know what you're talking about.Though most of our differences probably are in our perspectives I don't think there is a difference here, hate is hate, doesn't matter who it comes from. "just kidding" is a lame excuse, but it's a trend I've only noticed coming from your echo chamber.Note: if not A then B is not useful logic in this case. If I think one thing is wrong then I must think another is right doesn't work, I can just think one thing is wrong. If the conservatives are wrong it doesn't mean the progressives are right.

Gracious. Hate? Now there is a favorite adjective on the left. "If the conservatives are wrong it doesn't mean the progressives are right." Exactly. Which is why I wrote "Conservatives aren't the only ones." If you haven't heard it on the left, turn your head. And why would I want to provide you with links to jokes I don't think are funny? You're a librarian! Just google a few key terms like "left" "Bush" "Just kidding" etc. There is no shortage of the "just kidding, folks!" among pundits and politicians from all sides. I even get them from friends who think I'm still a Democrat!

Are you one of those people who pretend there really is a difference between Republican and Democrat or are you...just kidding? Please tell.

Googling [left bush "just kidding"] in their web database does not pull up any examples of anti-Bush people claiming they were "just kidding" in some statement in the first page of results.Googling the same phrases in a news search gave similar results.Trying the same words in an USENET search found no useful results either.We've googled. Ok? Your posting implies that you are aware of specific instances. Where are they? They may well exist, but as you are the one insisting they exist, the burden of proof is on YOU to give us an example where some leftist tried to get out of a hateful comment by saying "just kidding."If you make *claims of fact* on a LIBRARY board, you can count on being asked to provide sources. It would be a courtesy to give them to us when we ask and not say "ask Google." If you're not certain, say so.

Off hand I would say that members of the conservative group have a much greater tendency towards reactionism. Let's not forget that you do not do things because you are slotted into a category, but that you are slotted into a category because of the things you do. This means that most reactionaries are conservative, but not neccessarily that most conservatives are reactionary. Conservatives -- and ultra-conservatives especially -- also have a tendency to abdicate responsibility. "It's not my fault, the bible told me to"; sort of thing. So when they get caught out in an embarrassment, the first thing they say is basically: that's not what I meant.

Such ducking of responsibility tends to create a credibility gap, of course. It's kind of difficult to accept the excuse "I was just kidding" when the speaker has said as part of a consistent pattern of behaviour, something like, "We should invade their countries, kill their leaders, and convert the rest of them to christianity by force."

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