Words about Edwards

Here's something that should make any Bushite as happy as a pig in shit:

''The disturbing words of John Edwards'' by John Chuckman - YT Columnist (Canada)

Mind you, this column might leave some Bushites terribly conflicted; after all, since Chuckman is a permanent resident in Canada and cannot vote in the U.S. thereby, he really doesn't have any business being critical of a presidential candidate, does he? Not to mention his being a draft dodger. Oh wait, so is Bush.

Geez! What's a guy to do?!

[John Chuckman is former chief economist for a large Canadian oil
company. He has many interests and is a lifelong student of history. He
writes with a passionate desire for honesty, the rule of reason, and
concern for human decency. He is a member of no political party and takes
exception to what has been called America's "culture of complaint" with
its habit of reducing every important issue to an unproductive argument
between two simplistically defined groups. John left the United States
as a poor young man from the South Side of Chicago when the government
embarked on the murder of millions of Vietnamese in their own land
because they happened to embrace the wrong economic loyalties. He lives in
Canada, which he is fond of calling "the peaceable kingdom."]

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