LISNews: Numbers for July 2004

We ran 393 stories last month, and now have 3215 user accounts.

It really suprises me that all these numbers are up from last month, I figured with it being summer in the half of the world we get most visitors from, and no more AP things would be down, but all the log numbers are up, again.

Total Sessions 171,876.00, up about 10k
Total Pageviews 542,966.00, up 30k
Total Hits 1,874,026.00, up about 100k
Total Bytes Transferred 15.54 GB, up about a half a gig

Average Sessions Per Day 5,544.38, up about 100
Average Pageviews Per Day 17,515.03, up about 500
Average Hits Per Day 60,452.45, up about 7 k
Average Bytes Transferred Per Day 513.18 MB

Average Pageviews Per Session 3.15, up about .03
Average Hits Per Session 10.90, up about 1
Average Bytes Per Session 94.78 KB, up about 1
Average Length of Session (HH:MM:SS) 00:11:58, up about a minute.

There's really nothing interesting anywhere else in the logs. Referrals all look the same, pages, domains, etc... Everything looks the same as most previous months, just a little bit busier.

Most popular journals were about the same as well:
Walt, Blake, nbruce, shoe, slashgirl, Samantha, birdie, Daniel, tomeboy, gratzee, Fang-Face, Rochelle, Karl, mdoneil, and ChuckB.

I expected big changes in comments and other numbers I pull out of the database this month. June we had a total of 1355 comments, in July there were 1328. Not much of a change, I expected that number to be much lower. That was from 109 user accounts, June was from 120.

Hopefully I didn't forget anything here, I really need to automate this.


Any idea how many of our hits come from compulsive LISNewster's accessing the site multiple times a day?Thanks for these updates!

I was way off there, 29,110 unique IPs in July 31,223 in June. That 171 number was total number of sessions. So July saw more of the same people, while June saw fewer of more people. I really should've questioned that 171 number before I posted it, I doubt all of the domains hosted at LISHost get much more than 171k unique visitors combined (including LISNews in that number as well).

Yeah, ya know what, now that you mention it, that is way too impressive! as I re-read the IP section of the stats, I think my first take was wrong there.That seems waaaay high, I didn't think about those numbers before I posted them.171,876 is the total # of sessions apparently, total unique IPs was just 29,110, which seems much more reasonable.Damn it, I wish I could edit my comment.

Well that's good to know.

Unless you're going to start a LISPorn or LISCasino site you probably won't get those kinda clicks.

"There were a total of 171,876 unique IPs in July, 162,934 in June."

Those are truly impressive numbers! I would never have guessed the reach was quite that broad.

heh. I *think* if I *really* wanted to I could figure out who's who, but I really have better things to do, luckily! But judging from the numbers I just posted, no single person is really hitting the site *alot*You should see some of the other LISHost hosted sites, one in particular has some INSANE followers, 10's of thousands of hits a DAY from a couple IPs, and they're not search engines or RSS readers.Now if only I could get 10's of thousands of clicks on the ads a day I could do LISNews for a livin'!

Good Questions!1. 7,7852. 5,7373. 5,6954. 4,1225. 3,2186. 1,1017. 9938. 7439. 74310.741That's the top 10 IP # of hits. There were a total of 171,876 unique IPs in July, 162,934 in June. So the top 10 accounted for about 18% of all IPs in July.#1 & 5 are bloglines, #2 & 3 yahoo, 4 livejournal, #6 is the port monitor we use, finaly #7 might be a real person, "Charter Communications" owns that IP. 8 as well, someone in Charlottesville, 9 is a computer at Virginian University, and #10 is Sunflower Cablevision. So 7-10 are most likely people, and none of them are me! I remember back when I was %75 of all the hits, how far we've come. I'm really really suprised google isn't in there, they must use a wide # of IPs.

I soooo don't want to know the answer to that question.

Daniel raises a good question, and one that can be answered if you're using web analysis software: That is,how many unique IP addresses access LISNews on a typical day or month? [Those are the only numbers I pay much attention to when statistics for C&I are working, although the gross-hits numbers are far more dramatic.] "Average daily readership"--the mean of daily unique IP counts--would be an interesting figure.

OK. 29K is impressive and reasonable. 171K (almost three times the ALA membership) did seem a bit high.

(For comparison, the January-May 18 stats for C&I show about 12K unique visitors--but the more meaningful numbers, unique downloads per issue, have been running around 2.2K over the last year, except for the CIPA issue with 4K+ unique downloads.)

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