Stress levels rising...

Yay, I got an interview at UM next Monday! I'm really happy about it, but also a bit stressed out.

The Good:

  • Free trip to Missoula (Free room, Free food, free HBO, Free Willy! --Homer Simpson)
  • Might get to see my parents (if I have time)
  • Two days off from work (yay!)
  • Might get a cool new job

The Bad:

  • Leaving my sick cat for a few days (which is a whole 'nother stress producer right there)
  • The stress of the interview, including
  • Giving a 20-30 minute presentation (eek!)

Well, hopefully I'll be able to put together a presentation that is semi-decent this week. I'm freaking out a bit about it. I think I will talk about copyright's effect on distance education services since there is lots to discuss and it's kind of interesting, plus it's a neutral topic of sorts (not like "How to evaluate your distance ed program" might be).
As always, advice, good wishes, and stress reducing techniques are always appreciated!


Try to stay as calm as you can, and good luck with the interview!

Luckily my spouse will be home with the cat. He just isn't too good at the solo pilling. I'm sure they will be fine. The cat will probably be glad that I'm not fussing over him every minute like I am now. :-)

Excellent idea! I will give it a try.

Ooh, that chart will be helpful. And the advice is also helpful! :-) Thanks!

Thanks! I think I will end up like George's dad on Seinfeld--"Serenity NOW!" But I know it will all be okay in the end.

In the casual, informal get togethers, listen more than you talk. Sure, they think they want to hear what you know, but in fact, people feel better about YOU if THEY are talking. It also, for some odd reason, makes them think you are smart and well informed. And it is so easy to do! No prep!

Good luck at the interview and enjoy the wide blue skies!Oh, and leave detailed, written instructions for your cat sitter. That will make you, the sitter and the cat feel better. I have had to babysit sick cats for a neighbor and it was nice to have a full medicine schedule written down.

Here's what you do... the night before the interview watch Cartoon Network for as long as possible before you go to bed. The giggling should keep you mind off the interview and help you be relaxed in the morning. You'll be great!

Don't get really drunk the night before and go in with your hair all sticking up. (don't ask why I know that)

I've used this chart when discussing the TEACH Act. The TEACH Act is benign enough to be an acceptable topic, sort of like kittens and puppies - no one can be opposed to the TEACH Act.

Don't tell they why you think the ALA sucks.

And I wonder why I am entertaining job offers from Saudi Arabia :)

Great tip! And it plays into my natural shyness well. Excellent!

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