Friday morning gross out...

Okay, here's fair warning for the more skiddish LISnewerz out there who are afraid of bugs.

This morning I was sitting at my desk minding my own business listening to the radio on my headphones. My boss goes wandering by, stops dead in her tracks about 10 feet away, and says "that's where it is!". She then grabs a piece of paper, places it on the floor, and stomps on something. I heard the crunch at my desk over my headphones. Seriously. It was gross. Now, I just wandered by the kill-zone and there is an impressive smear on the floor. It's icky... I'm glad it didn't come near my desk, I'd probably still be on furniture.


A co-worker perhaps? If it was a 'bug' blame the USA PATRIOT Act :)

LOL.. Ooo, I wonder if the FBI has finally mastered insect mind control. That could explain it.. We are rather subversive down here in the basement.

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