To the Ladies in the Room

Molly Ivins had an interesting commentary posted on which she states a few facts about Bush demogoguery. She examines the methods by which the Bush campaign machine suck up to women for their votes, and details the credible gap.

To the Ladies in the Room By Molly Ivins, AlterNet. Posted July 8, 2004.

The National Women's Law Center released a study in April, called "Slip Sliding Away," on the erosion of women's rights. It found, under Bush:

  • The Labor Department has refused to use tools at its disposal to identify violations of equal pay laws.
  • Labor repealed regulations that allowed paid family leave to be made available through state unemployment funds. Now it's unpaid leave only. Labor has proposed new regulations that deprive millions of workers of the right
    to overtime pay -- and even gives tips to employers on how to avoid paying overtime when the law still requires it.
  • The Department of Justice has weakened the enforcement of laws against job discrimination and abandoned pending sex discrimination cases.
  • Among the Bush budget cuts affecting the lives of millions of women are:
    • cuts in Head Start and other early childhood education programs,
    • after-school programs,
    • K-12 education,
    • housing subsidies,
    • child care,
    • career education,
    • services for victims of domestic violence,
    • the nutrition program for women, infants and children (WIC)
    • and Pell grants to help pay for college.


for pointing it out to us. I guess if the American public goes for one more term with Mr. Bush, we ladies should prepare by dusting off our home economics textbooks and sharpen up our keyboarding skills.

from an NRO article [ 0312020910.asp]:"Indeed, it has apparently become illegal in Canada to advocate traditional Christian opposition to homosexual sex. For example, the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission ordered the Saskatoon Star Phoenix and Hugh Owens to each pay $1,500 to each of three gay activists as damages for publication of an advertisement, placed by Owens, which conveyed the message that the Bible condemns homosexual acts.In another incident, after Toronto print-shop owner Scott Brockie refused on religious grounds to print letterhead for a gay-activist group, the local human-rights commission ordered him to pay the group $5,000, print the requested material, and apologize to the group's leaders. Brockie, who always accepted print jobs from individual gay customers, and even did pro-bono work for a local AIDS group, is fighting the decision on religious-freedom grounds."

These programs, if they've had a reduction, which I doubt (it is virtually impossible to reduce a gov't program), are so bloated and over-funded to keep well-paid gov't employees and pols on the dole, that they should be cut. Women will never get enough help, as far as Democrats and people like Molly are concerned. We're too weak and impoverished to make it on our own. We have the 21st century equivalent of the fainting couch.

Studies show, many times from many sources, that women on the same career track with men with the same education, who forego having children, participate equally in all the perks of high pressure, high profile jobs--including the social and health problems. Like growing old alone. Many of these gov't programs are actually anti-child, in that they suggest that day-care and nannies can replace the parents. "Head Start" has been a complete failure in long term gains for the child, but no party has the balls to pull the aging piglet off the sow. What is it? 40 years old? After 40 years, we should have tweaked it enough that every kid graduating from Head Start should be graduating from high school. Look at the balooning of social problems related to the family in the last 30 years. Will the women's movement ever take credit for those? Not on your life. First women want the right to their bodies (kill their own babies), then for the one or two who slip through, they want the right to have someone else raise them. Sorry, the two demands just don't compute. But it gives Molly something to write about so she doesn't have to get a real job.

Partially, but its a good example of what happens when socialism runs amok.

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