Followup (now there's a great subject heading)

As a result of an earlier ill-written journal entry, I have added a couple of blogs to my Bloglines account, and have found the results interesting. Thanks to those who suggested them.

I haven't added any LISNews journals because I come directly to LISNews, and check recent postings directly here. Not to start another argument, but I have to say that I find most of the journal entries of mdoneil, ChuckB, Bibliofuture, and kctipton--THIS IS NOT A COMPLETE LIST!--thoughtful and thought-provoking. (Yes, there are others, but those four come immediately to mind.)

For that matter, I'm getting rid of my "foe" flags in all but one case (and that one has absolutely nothing to do with politics and everything to do with obsession--the "foe" now posts anonymously-but-transparently anyway). Heck, I read the comments anyway, and conclude that pre-labeling the posters is not a way to keep a semi-open mind.

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