Sorry about that, Blake. Seems to me there are at least 20 journals here more interesting than my infrequent, erratic posts... but who am I to argue with results?

I figure people check to see whether I'll succeed in starting yet another "controversy" through use of even sloppier language and thinking than in Cites & Insights. And by the time they find out that I haven't started another flamewar, it's too late.


Not to dismiss your fine journaling skills, Walt, but I'll bet you got lots of hits due to your post about lemons and transvestites. There just isn't enough on the web about lemons and transvestites. And that's a travesty.

Check out Google on lemons and transvestites. Either Walt has been Google-bombed, or he has written the definitive treatment of the topic.

Actually, it apppears to be a joint work between mdoneil and Walt. Good work, gents.

I think I understand what's happening. And I don't think Walt's written the definitive treatment...*G*

Lemon is a term used in yaoi. Yaoi is fan fiction written about Japanese anime/manga which is of the male/male variety. Female/female has it's own name. (In other areas of fandom, when writing same sex pairings of western tv shows/movies/books/non japanese cartoons, it's called slash.) In Japan yaoi has a slightly different meaning. yaoi stories, lemon is used to indicate that there is graphic descriptions of m/m sex. As transvestites aren't completely unknown in slash, I would assume yaoi is similar. I don't read yaoi, but I think it's a fair assumption.

Soooo...I can see how this lemon/trannie thing got to the top of the list and why those two terms would even BE related.

I would imagine there are a lot of disappointed people visiting Walt's journal, too.

s/ (curious how worlds collide, huh?)

Oh no, when I read Walt's original post and thought travesty was transvestite apparently there was some strange Freudian thing going on in my head.

I am going to wash my brain with hot soapy water. I feel so dirty.

"Oh no, when I read Walt's original post and thought travesty was transvestite apparently there was some strange Freudian thing going on in my head."

Well, even without the whole yaoi thing, one has to wonder. Tranny lemons? I mean, really...Sorry, I'm finding this whole thing really funny, which may have something to do with the fact that it's three in the morning as I'm reading/writing this...

And I would say that with some of the discussion and sub lines within this journal entry, Walt's journal will continue being very popular, if not disappointing for some people.

Good luck with the brainwashing... ;)


This discussion is enlightening--maybe it's not really "LISnews folk" at all.

As another journaler recently commented (mdoneil, maybe?), sometimes LISNews really is fun...and particularly the journals.

Oh, it's all a big trick designed to boost our stats. Not quite like a /.ing, but it sure makes us look good on paper.

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